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La Jollan’s For “Creditable Representation”

Our goal is to ensure the City of San Diego, the San Diego City Council and the La Jolla Community Planning Association  represent the best interest of the La Jolla community while protecting  individual private property rights of all La Jolla communiity residents. In the city of La Jolla there are approximately forty thousand (40,000) residents. Only eighteen (18) individuals (LJCPA Trustees) are recognized by the San Diego City Council to make 100% of the recommendations on land use matters to the City of San Diego for the  La Jolla community.  Read More ………

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The results of the March 2014 annual election of the LJCPA were challenged immediately by the La Jolla Association (LJA). One year later, despite requests to the LJCPA, the Mayor’s Office and the City Councilperson’s office for help, the outstanding election issues remain unresolved. One only has to watch the above featured video to confirm the challenge has merit. However, rather than requiring the LJCPA to abide by their bylaws and City Council Policy 600-24, Mrs. Lightner’s solution is to ignore 600-24 and temporally amend the LJCPA bylaws. Therefore allowing, termed-out Trustee Joe La Cava, to serve an unprecedented third term, while he runs for her termed-out seat in 2016. The LJA disagrees with the proposed solution. We believe the integrity of the community planning process is more important than Mr. La Cava’s political career.

Individual members of the LJA, have agreed to pursue the matter in court. To assure transparency and to keep the community informed we will post important court documents below for your review;

Complaint: Whitney v. City of SD (33141.002)

As a La Jolla Association member you will have the opportunity to vote in our community “Opinion Polls” on issues affecting the La Jolla community. Just read the many La Jolla community blogs that interest you, than from your home or office with the click of your mouse you too can voice your opinion.  Feel free to suggest a “Current Topic” you would like the La Jolla community to voice their opinion on and we will help get out the Vote. Read More…..



This community notice is intended to inform La Jolla Shores residents of a potential 10% to 30% decline in their property values. If you live in the Shores, help us prevent this decline by simply Clicking Here. Read more about the details and sign our petition to Save Our LJSPDO. Take Action Now.  Read More…..

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Joe La Cava is serving a third three year term as a LJCPA Trustee. Although to encourage turn over, the LJCPA bylaws defines Trustees are elected to serve for fixed terms of three years, with no person serving on the LJCPA for more than two terms. Mr. La Cava has acknowledged he was not duly elected in March 2014, but now refuses to step down. CLICK HERE to read Mr. La Cava’s email acknowledging he was not elected. CLICK HERE to read a story about the rigged March 2014 LJCPA election in the San Diego Reader.

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The La Jolla Association is working hard ensure our community group abides by our Community Plan and Local Coastal Program Land Use Plan, while abiding by the Brown Act, City Council Policy 600-24 and their own currently approved City bylaws. Currently La Jolla has a systemic problem in which activist members of our community group are using the community planning process to promote “themselves” and/or advance their predetermined “personal agenda”. They are not above misrepresenting and falsifying applicants’ proposed projects, ignoring  applicants property rights and operating without creditibilty or  transparency.  Together we can stop these activist members and our elected officials from misusing their power.  Our voices, not theirs, will determine the future of  La Jolla.. Register Today. Change tomorrow.

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